Le concept du speed dating

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The convention is advertised on their website as an exhibition to “celebrate all things pop culture” and includes various artists and creators from TV, comic books, films, and those who work independently online.We had planned several weeks in advance in order to split travel and board costs, and were it not for this commitment I would not have attended.Cette activité présente les bases des mécaniques du Web via une activité hors-ligne pendant laquelle interagissent plusieurs personnes.Cette activité peut être adaptée pour tous les âges.It turns out their company is based out of Utah and they travel to conventions all over North America to offer speed dating tailored towards nerds.As a rule, men pay 20 dollars and women get in for free.CC-BY-SA par Mozilla 20 minutes Les mécaniques du Web sont un ensemble d'outils, de caractéristiques et de fonctions qui définissent comment nous utilisons internet.

Last year I attended Fan Expo in Vancouver with a group of friends.

I later learned that they usually have up to three times as many men sign up as women, which is why they let women sign up for free.

If not enough women register then the event can’t go on, because the men would spend most of the dating period sitting in silence waiting for the women to rotate around.

Once everyone rotated through, the two sides were brought to opposite ends of the rooms where tables were set up with sheets of paper on them.

The papers had numbers matching everyone we had just speed dated.

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