Fox son dating swift

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I love you, Tina and Amy, but let's do better — don't become the mean girls you made an entire movie fighting against.

At the i Heart Radio Music Awards on Sunday night (yes, that's a thing), something very significant happened in the celebrity universe: Taylor Swift said her boyfriend's name out loud. Swift stood during her acceptance speech for Best Tour, thanking fans for selling out her 1989 World Tour around the globe, when she decided to throw in an extra bit of gratitude."You know, for the first time, I had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out and when the crowds were all gone," Swift said slowly, looking a bit hesitant.

Still, I think they're too hard on the 26-year-old singer.

While, of course, the "Dope Squad" sketch was amusing and timely (and even featured an Amy Schumer cameo), it was a bit of a low blow, especially given their heated history with Swift.

By doing something so bold as to mention them in front of millions of viewers, it essentially gives the media permission to ask about your relationship, something most stars despise.

But it's even more shocking for Swift specifically, because it's a true departure from her well-established brand to rarely confirm anything about her personal life -- the same brand that made her the biggest pop star in the world.

Sure, she didn't call Swift and her friends "sluts" or "whores," but that underlying message of not hypocritically tearing one another down definitely applies here.

As you may recall, when Swift started as a country star in Nashville, she became famous for writing songs about boys who hurt her, whether they had broken her heart or simply never knew she had a crush on them.

The catch: She swore to never reveal the actual subjects of the songs, only dropping small hints.

For her legions of fiercely loyal fans around the world and idolize her every move, this is a very big deal -- especially because it will no doubt inform her new music.

The White House threw a special fancy dinner party for Canada’s Next Top Model Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last night.

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