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She said similar accusations as well as abuse and death threats have been posted on her own social media accounts just because the pair are sisters.'If she supposedly leaked these documents, first of all why are these documents classified? 'And if Russia did hack into our system and play with the votes to get Trump elected, why is she the bad guy?

'Why isn't the United States government the bad guy for keeping this quiet from us? 'I do not believe that Reality is going to be treated fairly and I do not believe that she is going to get a fair trial.

The two spoke at least once a week and Winner wrote of his passing: 'I still don't know who I am without you here or how to keep moving forward without the one person who believed unconditionally in everything I want to do in life.' Winner-Davis told Daily the journey was something her ex-husband had always longed to do himself.'The reason she went to Belize is because her father always talked about going there, he wanted to see the ruins,' she said.'That was her way to realize his dream for him.

I think that was about closure for her.' Social media users plastered Winner's accounts with abuse and accusations of treason after her arrest.

Lopez, a mother of three and gym manager from Brenham, Texas, said she is yet to speak with her half-sibling and doesn't know if the accusations are true. I believe in her heart she was doing what she thought was right.

But she added: 'I firmly believe that Reality is a good person. 'I firmly believe that there is a reason she did this and the whole of the Unites States of America needs to hear that reason from her.' Lopez said she was particularly angry to hear her sibling, who served for six years in the Air Force, being branded a traitor to her country.

Winner and Lopez are sisters through their late father Ronald Winner, an ordained minister and psychologist whose interview subjects included the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Bereaved: Ronald Winner, the alleged leaker's father, died last December at age 72 following a long battle with COPD.

She also has a half-sister, Sarah-Nicole Winner, from her late father's first marriage and three step-siblings , Cole, Lyndee and Ross Davis, from her stepfather's first marriage.

Her sister Sarah Nicole Lopez (center) says Reality is a patriot.

Their other sister Brittany (right) is a scientist.

When she became a linguist for the military, she was following in the footsteps of one of her stepsiblings, who is also a military linguist.

While assigned to the 94th Intelligence Squadron at Fort Meade, Maryland, Winner would visit Middle Eastern rug shops so she could practice her language skills with native speakers.

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