Updating the content type failed infopath

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Click on Next Next, you need to provide the path of the Info Path forms library. Click Next Th The form content type always points to a form template. Provide a path where you want to store the template.

(note: I have hidden part of the URL for privacy purposes) Add the needed properties you want to publish and click on Next.

You might think that the front page takes less time to read, but is read more often, than, say, a long report.

So, you set your timeout to 15 minutes so that all requests made within 15 minutes are considered the same ‘session’ based on the front page.

More on that after we’ve gone through the basic solution. I also prefer to have Share Point Manager 2007 installed. Our two main goals are as such: With that our of the way, let’s start with creating our Delegate Control. We will get back to more details around these a bit later, but for now, let’s quickly set up the Visual Studio solution.

In Visual Studio, create a new WSPBuilder project, and call it something nice.

The trick lies in predicting how interesting your stuff is and how long users will spend reading each page.Now, there are a bunch of things you can do to get around this using Java Script and such to log actual browser operation on the client side, but none of these are reliable.Even if you decide to do this with the timeout option I mentioned you have problems, both technical and logical.If you haven’t seen how yet, grab the Delegate Controls excerpt from the “Building the Share Point User Experience” Share Point Developer book.You need to sign up for the mailing list, though, but doing so is free.

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