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We then spoke to the Deck Supervisors, who suggested that Murray be placed in a class that would more specifically cater to his needs.

Over the last term, Murray has built trust and a positive relationship with his teacher, Heather, and is making huge progress.

Although my kids are only three and four years old, they are already showing great potential and I have no doubt they will be strong, confident swimmers in the future.

We made the decision to put Bailey into Paul Sadler Swimland Melton after noticing him panic from swallowing water at only chest height.

Read More When Bailey first started attending lessons he lacked in confidence and was unable to wet his hair or face without panicking or getting upset.

As we rushed to his aid, much to our surprise, Bailey had happily surfaced after a couple of seconds and was doggy paddling his way back to the ledge.

If it wasn’t for the confidence and knowledge he had gained from his weekly lessons it could have been a much greater incident.

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