Are carrie and alex dating

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Alex's favourite penned lyrics are - "I could bake a chocolate cake for you with tiers up to the moon" - "Holding On"; "If you ever need me, I'm only a vodka away from you" - "No More"; and "everything" from "Don't Look Back" Alex announced on February 14, 2014 that he had been dating fellow You Tuber Carrie Hope Fletcher since October 2013.

However, Carrie announced their break-up via Twitter on March 14, 2014.

He is mostly known for his frequent strong language, abrasive attitude, intense hatred of current-day video games and obsession with sexual themes and innuendo; the majority of his videos are therefore aimed at mature viewers in comparison to fellow flatmate You Tuber Charlie Mc Donnell's family-friendly, lighthearted ones.

Although he has many fans who enjoy his crude humour and ranting abilities, some of his videos have faced negative reaction. Nerimon", written and performed by Kristina Horner (aka "italktosnakes"), who was his girlfriend at the time.

In the same way that owners begin to look like their dogs, partners often start to mimic each other’s mannerisms the more time they spend together.

I am naturally a very open, honest and sharing person so hiding something as big as a relationship that I was so proud of, felt unnatural to me on a daily basis and it began to sour my every day romantic existence.

It was totally insane and put more pressure on the relationship than was necessary or healthy. Single in the sense that I am not officially labelled one man’s girl.

In that wonderfully agitating thing we call hindsight, both Alex and I agree that we should have just lived out lives however the hell we wanted to without censoring our affectionate tweets but also without feeling the need to explain. However, I am very bad at being entirely unattached.

As a warning to any hidden internet couples who are already feeling the strain, take the advice of one girl who’s relationship was tainted because she struggled with hiding such a huge part of her life. I don’t think I’ve ever been alone and unromantically involved with anyone for longer than a couple of weeks since I was 15.

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