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I scheduled my exam the day after I registered for the courses, I took classes and wrote exams in other cities across Ontario to speed up the process, and in the end I shaved about four months off the process.

But the question most people don’t ask themselves: What am I going to do in that 8-12 months?

At the time, he was building a house in an upscale Toronto neighborhood, and I saw the process from the ground up.

I recall one day when he had me and my friend Chris run wheel-barrows full of cement into the backyard to pour his back patio.

I hated every second of that job….”Have a great day, Mr. ” I hate being told what to do, and more importantly I hate being I work with.

If I don’t like somebody, I can kick them in the butt (metaphorically or literally), but that didn’t fly at the bank.

When the patio had been finished—the foundations and the slab itself, he had paid us /hour for two days of work, spent 00 for concrete mix, and paid a masonry /hour for a half day.

If you fail ANY exam twice, you are forced to retake the course, and thus pay the huge fee all over again. The first phase is like taking 7th grade all over again. A new agent in our office just told me she got 98% on her phase one test, to which I replied, “You mean you got a question ?

” I have no clue how you fail this test, just no clue.

” They don’t know why, they don’t know how, and they have no clue what the job actually entails, but everybody wants to go into real estate.

Getting your licence isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t filling out a form either…

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