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Apparently, within three months, a horseman got to Philadelphia and a ship from there reached London.

The map identifies several sites as given by the number key at the bottom, and is accompanied by a short article with extracts from the letters of General Forbes. The 1842 courthouse is prominent although the artist has twisted it to display the front.

The year 2008 is the 250th anniversary of the founding of Pittsburgh. Steamboats are pulled up on the Mon shore which is lined with warehouses and smoke is coming from many stacks. The image depicts a panoramic view of Pittsburgh from Mt. Bridges are shown at the Point; the old courthouse which burned in 1882 appears. This print was actually made in 1939 and appears on pages 112-113 of a Fortune Magazine from that year. The right-of-way of the Pittsburgh, Mc Keesport and Youghiogheny Railroad is noted but not built. A 144 page booklet with the maps listed, descriptions of Pittsburgh sites, a gazetteer of streets and trolly lines, and some other stuff. This is a strip map centered on Pittsburgh and extending from New York to Chicago and St. It contains this 7.5 X 6 inch map showing the route of the Lincoln Highway (now US 30) through town along with a connection south to the National Road (now US 40). This street map, despite the title, shows only the immediate city. This map has the code LR241, and so is dated February, 1941. Folded postcards can probably still be found today at tourist stops, but their craze ran from about 1920 to 1950.

Another possibility is that the small fort is Mercer's Fort, constructed to house troops between the destruction of Fort Duquesne and the building of Fort Pitt. This is a manuscript map of the fort done by Bernard Ratzer circa 1761. As part of the 2008 celebration, the Frick Art & Historical Center presented an exhibit titled A Panorama of Pittsburgh Nineteenth-Century Printed Views, and published an exhibition catalog with the same title. The Mon shore has the appearance of being more industrialized than the Allegheny. This journal, edited by William Cullen Bryant, was published from 1872 to 1874 and this print may date later than the one above. For other Gulf road maps of Pittsburgh from this era, see the article The Early Gulf Road Maps of Pennsylvania . For a potpourri of Pittsburgh views, do an Internet image search. The verso has a view of the Ohio River from Marietta. (Pittsburgh) This untitled two page map appeared in the 1872 Atlas of Pennsylvania with Descriptions by H. Abraham Lincoln also slept there, staying at the Monongahela House on his way to Washington after the election of 1860. The Sears' book provided many Americans their first glimpse at well-known national landmarks, monuments, famous buildings, and natural wonders. Ranney, 1853; or Fanning's illustrated gazetteer of the United States ... The Pennsylvania Canal is shown with its aqueduct across the Allegheny River. Depot is shown at the Point with a dotted line, apparently tracks, coming down Liberty Avenue. Bowen's book originally appeared around 1852 and so must have been very popular. This hotel is long gone, but recently the bed Lincoln used was discovered stored in the attic of a county warehouse and given to the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania. All of the illustrations were finely drawn engravings printed on good paper. with the population and other statistics from the census of 1850. There is only one bridge, called the Suspension Bridge, over the Mon. So, this map catches Pittsburgh right at the transition from canal to railroad.

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