Dating brian atwood

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"Normally you start on fries or burgers, but I was never back there," she says proudly."I guess it was because of my personality." After a series of fast-food gigs, she ended up waitressing at Hooters, and from there she moved on to the more lucrative world of strip clubs.But the bottle service and snacks aren't the attractions: The women who work at KOD execute feats that would put Cirque du Soleil acrobats to shame.When she was dancing at KOD, Chyna reigned supreme."I always liked having my own money and buying my own stuff," she says."I didn't want to depend on somebody to do it for me." When she was 15, she landed her first job at a Mc Donald's in Charles County, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D. Management put her on the cash register immediately.

At 5'2'', she seems no bigger than a Pez dispenser, but her presence on the set is immediately felt.Her parents couldn't afford to send her to college, so she deferred admission to Johnson & Wales University in Miami and stripped at local Maryland spots for two years.By age 20, she had saved enough money to pay for tuition.Part of the fascination undoubtedly derives from the prominence she so quickly obtained.Her agent, Sujit Kundu, says that Chyna currently "commands in excess of ,000 for an appearance." She oversees an activewear company, a makeup line, and a beauty boutique named Lashed.

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