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I don't really care....well, not things to REALLY want to say around the woman you are dating!

Rachel's Take: If you're referring to a specific scenario between you, a girl, and a jerk, the situation often looks like this: Nice guy pursues a girl he's interested in, (taking his time/moving slowly/acting passively) as to show that he (respects her/doesn't want to scare her away/has no self-confidence), when out of nowhere, in swoops some jerk who (doesn't respect her/treats her like crap/has a lot of chutzpah) and somehow the girl leaves the nice guy in the dust and runs off with the jerk. You're clearly not good enough the way you are, so you need to change in order to win the attention you desire? All the while, in the back of her head, she does all this knowing Nice Guy is probably waiting around in the wings. Not least of which is their incredible self-confidence.

Ok..start I will let everyone know that I'm NO longer living with my ex husband...sons and I moved last weekend into our apartment. I loved and do miss my big beautiful home =( but anymore it was just a structure....a home is filled with love and happiness and that house had none of that...fought all the time, my poor kids had to see me cry all the time and that is not good. Jeff really upset me on Saturday..started moving my stuff on Friday night BUT on Saturday he left for 6 hours to go and watch his boyfreind sing in some competition...was ALOT of time lost when it comes to moving.

Jeff came over Sunday and finsihed stuff, then took off.I didn't go onto the site where I met John cause I was like piss on it.....I'm busy, I'm moving, I have no time for this crap....I have unlimited texting so we started texting each other...doesn't go on the PC much at all so we have been texting and talking on the phone.Anyway, we had our first date last night...just went out to dinner..sat there and talked the whole time, there was NEVER any awkward silence at all (like John & I use to have) it was nice to be around someone that I have so much in common with! old, loves Nascar and goes to many races a year, has 3 kids (20 & 3 yr. old daughter), does Karoke for charity as well as sometimes playing pool for charity. He is VERY good with communicaton...calls me a couple times a day, texts me throughout the day, everyday...I send him a e-mail...this..answers back!!

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