Dating in southport

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I think it may have been one of the then-popular attractions at a beach resort whereby a car and/or bike is posed for couples and holidaymakes to pose in while their photo was being taken - any more suggestions?There is a painted scenery behind which makes me think this is the case.A couple are also perched on an elderly cycle in the foreground.

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I suspect someone forgot to apply the handbrake and only the spare wheel digging into the quayside stopped the lorry from going straight in!I think this old photo shows a pair of early Ford pickup trucks, the lefthand one showing a sign for A W Abbott - perhaps a farm owner?I've a number of photos similar to this but none really identifies what or where this is?A fascinating large photograph that I found in a charity shop. Ceuta is a Spanish enclave on the coast of Morocco I've read.The inscription on the back tells me that it is taken at the quayside in Ceuta from the deck of the S. There are many photos of old cars here alongside the ship, with many official looking gentlemen in evidence - the car in the foreground also has a flag attached to its radiator so must be for someone important!

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