George clooney and julianna margulies dating

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"When we were getting out of a taxi the other day, I noticed that Kieran said, 'Thanks! If he forgets his homework, he'll say, 'Mom, I learned a really good mistake, and it won't happen again.' How can I argue with that? When the news broke this week that George Clooney and his girlfriend of two years, Elisabetta Canalis, ended their relationship, women around the world suddenly shared the same delusional thought: “Wait, he’s available?

Also, during Thursday’s Celebritology discussion, a debate ensued on this topic.

And, as a capper, she epitomizes old-Hollywood-style elegance.

Seeing these two together would make us all want to become better, glamorous versions of ourselves.

On the one hand, as Margulies says, he’s a disgraced politician and a cheating pig, and when he is sent to jail, Alicia is forced to start at the bottom with a law firm in order to pay his legal fees and raise their two children.

On the other, he’s played by Sex And The City’s former Mr Big, Chris Noth, and is desperate to get Alicia back.

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