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The most comprehensive academic study of a single taxonomic group of Iranian mammals is that of Anthony De Blase (1980) for the bats.Other publications on individual species or higher taxa can be found In the accompanying bibliography.

Other than humans, the only primate species (Order Primates) to occur in our area is the rhesus macaque, a widespread South Asian monkey that extends into eastern Afghanistan.

The information contained In the aforementioned article will not be repeated here, except to point out that the hedgehogs have been removed from the Insectivora and placed In the order Erinaceomorpha, while the shrews and moles have been removed to the order Soricomorpha to avoid papraphyly in the Insectivora by Hutterer (2005).

Thus, by this taxonomy, there are no insectivores in our area.

In addition to taxonomic studies, other aspects of the natural history of individual species and groups, e.g., ecology, life history, anatomy, etc. A sampling of this literature is included In the bibliography.

Among these are Gromov and Baranova (eds., 1981); Heptner and Naumov (eds., 1967); Heptner and Sludskiĭ (1972); Heptner et al. Also important for the fauna of our area of focus are synopses and checklists for surrounding regions, e.g., Allouse (1954), Hatt (1959) for Iraq; Harrison (1964, 1968, 1972, 1981), Nader (1990), Harrison and Bates (1991), Kingdon (1991) for Arabia; Ognev (1928, 1831, 1935, 1947, 1948, 1950); Mc Neely and Neronov (1992) for the western Palearctic; Siddiqi (1961), Roberts (1997) for Pakistan.

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