Dating for the chronically ill write a dating profile

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Some people think it’s easier if they date and form a relationship with someone that has the same issues. You can always check the local chapter of your condition specific organization to learn about social events, dating service etc.

Below are links to a variety of dating and social networking websites, many of which are free, for those living with various types of conditions: Prescription 4 Love: A dating and friendship service geared toward people with special health conditions and diseases. Disabled Dating Club: On-line since 1997, this is a free site.

• There are people that look for partners with health issues so they can be in a relationship where they “can take care of you.” I could do a post just on this type of individual.

The important point is that you don’t need anyone feeling sorry for you because of your diagnosis.

Then they basically said they liked me but a relationship with me wouldn't work for them because I'm sick. Was devastated as well as confused for a long time.

When first became ill was deeply in love with a guy plus thought he was with me yet just 2 months after the CFS symptoms began he was unfaithful to me on purpose(snogged another girl) so as to get out of our relationship as he could not handle the illness.

This is not first time it's happend like this to me. Sad to say this experience is a common one CFS617- you are not alone.

Wait till you find the right person who will not care about you being sick. Everyone treats me differently when they find out and NO ONE wants to date the sick girl.

Check out Dating Dilemmas: 8 Tips for Telling Your Partner a Health Secret Several people I knew with AIDS referred to revealing their status as their “jerk barometer.” If he/she never called again, they were probably not someone that would have worked out anyway.

No Longer Lonely: Online social community for adults with mental illness.

Cancer Match: Cancer Survivor Dating and Social Network Poz Match: HIV owned social community.

She said that if in the heat of the moment she forgot to mention her HIV status, there would be no confusion on that score. Unless you met them in a support group, or an on-line dating service where you have either revealed your diagnosis or it’s a condition specific site, you may wait a few dates.

However, if you are about to be sexual, or this looks like it has the potential to be a relationship, then let them know.

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