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90% of the time, speakers of English use just 7,500 words in speech and writing.

• Over 600 people can be accommodated on the cruise ship.• The ceilings were too low to accommodate his terrific height.• They were kind enough to accommodate me with a ride to the train station.• I asked them for additional money, and they accommodated me with a loan.• He would often change his schedule to accommodate his clients.• New facilities are being added to accommodate the special needs of elderly residents.• Smart investors quickly accommodated to the new market conditions.

Always remember that accommodation is an accommodating word — there's room inside for two m's and two c's.

Accommodation is where you live or stay, especially when you are on holiday or when you are staying somewhere for a short amount of time.

of accomodare "make fit, adapt, fit one thing to another," from ad- "to" commodare "make fit," from commodus "fit" (see commode). You wanted to go to sea, but he jumped at the chance of accommodating your desire with a vengeance.

He will most often succeed in accommodating his sentiments to those of his conjoint.

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