Updating wiring

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Pig Tailing simply refers to the process whereby you attached a 6 inch copper wire to the end of the existing aluminum wire and attached it to the wire using a connector. This is the VERY CRITICAL PIECE – not all connectors are created equally and the common connector you can buy at your local Home Depot is only rated for copper wiring. You can find these Marrette’s at your local electrical store and you know you have the right ones because a box of 100 will cost around -.Aluminum to Copper Marrette Helpful Tip – If you are going to be updating your wiring in your home by installing pig tails – it is a great time to get all new light switches and wall plugs.By producing a table of predictions, Moto Calc lets you determine the optimum propeller size and/or gear ratio for your particular application.Moto Calc can also do an in-flight analysis for a particular combination of components, predicting lift, drag, current, voltage, power, motor and electrical efficiency, RPM, thrust, pitch speed, propeller and overall efficiency, and run time at various flight speeds. Measure and mark positions of balusters on top and bottom rails.Whenever the issue of Aluminum wiring comes up the term “Pig Tailing” is used. What you need is a special type of connector/Marrette that is rated to be use with mixed materials (aluminum and copper).The insulation dries out and begins to crumble, causing the inner wire to be exposed.The cloth insulation around the wire deteriorates with age and eventually becomes dangerous.

If your house wiring is more than 10 years and above, electrial wiring is getting old and the wiring itself give you some problems, it is better and more safe to redo and rewire it.

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On the 6 way plugs the 12V wire and electric brake wire may be reversed to accommodate trailer (particularly horse trailers).

WARNING: It is necessary to use an electrical tester to ensure proper match of vehicle’s wiring to trailer’s wiring. * Due to the wide variety of applications on the 7 way round plug, it is necessary to take extra care in matching the vehicle’s wiring to the trailer’s wiring.

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