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Added Feature to view profiles....depends on being on new Chat Server...

Bug fix for windows7/8 Chat Room menu Preferences.. Sound Alerts Change button to get up browser file requester was doing a error 401 Now changed method to fix problem, you can now also type in chat room when open Change Chat Room menu Extra Toys ..Fix Host Lister Web Site Used was not saving if last 2 were used Change If user post is to large tell's them now Example: "Post is to large 623 Limit Set @ 600 This post will not be see" Changed removed Chat servers that no longer connect Set YMSG Intiantion to Off (option is on File Menu) Above changes enable you to log into Yahoo to enable you to use a Yahoo Username Name in Ya Zserv Chat Rooms (But not use PM's) Changed Chat Room List - use Change Room button to show it Now there are 4 different web site listers (were just two Yazakpro & Freecreed) now there are Yazserv, Yazakpro, Carolisayazakuser and Freecreed click on each button to see Chat Room on each.Added Serial id Added Save last selected web site lister Change limited font to 10 (6-9 was to small) in chat room Added on Yz Taskbar when mouse left button clicked on extra popup menu item Close Popup Menu Changes on Yz Taskbar when mouse over to show following: Username Right button to Talk Left button Menu Changed Help Menu...working again now Changed Selective Volume selection per user Right click on volume changes made to work when while user taking also now Removed from PM Yahoo/MSN selection from PM's top right corner and Web Cam Icon Added Selective Volume selection per user You can Move mouse over name to show there current volume setting, Note you can set Start level in chat room buddies.Removed Web Cam icon's and in menu's as does not longer work as yahoo removed it (don't need Yahoo Webcam dll's now) BA, Ghost, Shield as no longer needed and only work when in yahoo.

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