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Very peculiar blue feathers left behind are the only clue. At least until Percy comes into his heritage and becomes a merman himself.

Everything seems to crash down around Percy as Poseidon learns about the domestic abuse Percy and Sally suffer at Gabe's hands and thinks he has a right to take Percy away from home.

At least one month ahead, so I have time to actually write it.

I'm not a typing-machine and I have a private life and enough own stories to work on too. There will be an Advent Calendar Project this year. Those oneshots will alternate between Hi Jack, Jimon, Malace, Shklance and Nicercy.

This is mainly just cute.: On the island of Dragon's Edge, there are only two towns - Berk and Burgess.

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Just let yourself be surprised by what each day hold ;): "The Alphas of Percy Jackson" is going to be a collection of short, unrelated stories set in the ABO-verse and centered around omega! If things go as planned, it will feature all of my favorite pairings. Now he has to get used to the life of a god, making new friends along the way.

It is still my property and it is not yours to post anywhere. Please go there if any of your beloved smut appears to be missing here. Ask for it, don't demand it.2.) No requests for:- multiple-chapter stories; I'm not investing months of my time in a request- the following pairings: Jack/Elsa, Hiccup/Astrid, Jace/Clary, Percabeth, Solangelo, Caleo, also many others so please include the pairing you want in your request so I can tell you whether or not I write it- top, dominant or straight Percy, Jace or Jack Frost- shota, rape, explicit abuse, gore/blood/violence, prostitution, porn-settings (as in; one's a porn star)- rewrites of existing plots like movies, fairy tales, books etc.

(i.e.: "Write Romeo & Juliet with Nico as Romeo and Percy as Juliet!

Now Percy has to adjust to living with his father he barely really knows and his stepmother and half-siblings, he also has to learn how to be a merman and realizes that there are so many different supernatural creatures as he is enrolled in a special high school for the supernatural.

And like his life wasn't already complicated enough, he meets Nico di Angelo, the so-called Ghost King.

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