E2k7 oab not updating

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If you're wondering why we see 6 connections via netstat instead of three, it's because HTTP is a half-duplex protocol and we therefore establish an RPC_DATA_IN and an RPC_DATA_OUT channel for each connection seen inside Outlook.

It's been a while since I've been thinking of writing a blog post about various aspects of Outlook Anywhere that people have been asking questions about. Given how long this blog post is overdue, I plan to cover a lot of topics, from frequently asked questions to common misconceptions to problems with Outlook Anywhere to suggested solutions for different problems.

What you're actually doing with a load balancer is balancing traffic across a attribute is used to tell Outlook clients during the profile creation process what server name should be in the profile. If you didn’t read up on the steps to create a CAS array object you may think you’re done at this stage.

That’s pretty much it folks, there's no more magic going on here and once you've created your CAS array object it's simply an object in Active Directory and there's zero load balancing going on at this point in time. You created your CAS array object and you can see two CAS have automatically joined the array.

Let’s go back for a moment to what a CAS array object actually does.

One trend has to do with misconceptions around the Client Access Server array object, or CAS array object for short. ) when I was commenting on this trend on an internal Microsoft distribution group, so here we are with this post.

Technical Writer and frequent blogger Scott Schnoll suggested I put pen to paper… I’m not going to go into all of the technical aspects of a CAS array object in this post.

It populates the attribute of an Exchange 2010 mailbox database, which is then used to tell Outlook where it needs to connect when using RPC (over TCP).

For Outlook Anywhere (HTTPS) clients, it indicates where the traffic that leaves the RPC-over-HTTP proxy needs to connect on the client’s behalf in order to reach their mailbox.

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