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Combine my hulking size with a command presence, a gift from a brief stint in the military.Mixed in a heavy dose of "I don't give a fuck about what other's think of me", complements of my cowboy upbringing and I was perfectly suited for the career I'd carved out in Computer Systems Security and Quality Control.However, our truth is still very erotic it's my hope that our readers will find the real story more powerful and sexually satisfying that just a dream.Second, Initially this was my solo writing project, but as my wife, Ann, read she became very interested in sharing her side of the story.

Being forced to verbalize our desires was difficult.Our conservative Christian political beliefs aligned our worldview together. And probably most importantly we were both interested in learning.So, even though we married in high school, we continued directly into college without so much as a speedbump in our path.My wife on the other hand, literally had Spanish royalty running though her veins.Her beautiful 5'10" athletically chiseled body allowed her perfectly round ass to sway with an air of dignity that the Kardashian's could never hope to achieve.

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    If you both gave a positive response to an activity, then we'll share it; if not, we don’t.