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Colin overheard this and intervened, saying nobly that he would take special care to avoid surfacing too late and hitting the slab.’Against the director’s better instincts filming commenced, but ‘all too predictably the momentum of Colin’s initial dive took him further than he’d calculated, so he rose to the surface beneath the slab, hitting the metal support crossbar with a sickening thud – right on the bridge of his nose. ‘A series of scenarios flashed through my head – the producer Sue Birtwistle would give me the sack, shut down filming, recast Darcy and reshoot while Colin had his nose reconstructed.’ In fact, by some miracle, the collision wasn’t as bad as was feared.‘The swelling on Colin’s nose wasn’t conspicuous enough to merit rescheduling.Although any thoughts about the transparent effects on a white voile shirt were never mentioned at the time!’The adaptation was the brainchild of producer Sue Birtwistle, who got screenwriter Andrew Davies on board by cleverly telling him the book was about sex, money and social climbing.Andrew still regrets that Darcy didn’t dive in naked. Darcy had been spending too much time being polite in London with a group of stuffy people.But at the centre of his essence he was just a man, almost like a wild creature, who saw his lake there and thought, “Let’s get into this different element where I don’t have to be polite or worry about my tenants.

When I arrived the last slab was still in place but I was told there was no need to move it.Jane Austen’s 1813 book centres on Lizzy Bennet, her four sisters, and their mother’s attempts to marry them off to well-to-do gentlemen, including Charles Bingley, who’s just moved into the local Netherfield estate, and his friend Mr Darcy.It will always be best remembered for the famous scene in which Mr Darcy emerges from the lake at Pemberley, his Derbyshire estate, in a wet shirt, but the dramas that went on behind the scenes as the series was being filmed were almost as compelling as those on screen.Known throughout the world for their beauty, the quintessential English village is a magical escape for urban city-dwellers.Quaint cottages nestled around a village green or bordering little rivers and surrounded by rolling countryside, there are dozens to enjoy across the British Isles. With nearly a hundred structures listed by English Heritage for their historic or architectural interest, Abbotsbury will surprise and delight.

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