Mark lowry dating

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I also wore a 1930s emerald and diamante bracelet from Gemma Redmond Vintage, which was a gift from my parents after I saw it at a wedding fair, plus a pair of vintage emerald and diamante earrings, which Chris gave me as my wedding gift.It was a bit of a gamble on his part, but he has impeccable taste!

As my dad has a ‘dodgy knee’ due to severe arthritis, he struggles to walk long distances and uses a mobility scooter to get around anywhere larger than a house.

The Lowry set-up is perfect for people with disabilities as everything is so close together and they were so accommodating of my dad’s scooter – which got a few outings from tipsy friends and family later on once he was settled at a table!

We didn’t really have a theme as such, but we knew we wanted dark greens as our wedding colours.

When I realised he was serious, I accepted with lots of kisses and happy tears.

It was perfect, just the two of us and our dog, Bear. We wanted a spring wedding, but also needed time to save pennies to pay for it all!

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