Validating querystring

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You can now annotate your model classes with validation attributes from the System. Data Annotations namespace and request that all your site controls validate user input using that information.Client-side validation in Web Forms is now integrated with j Query, providing cleaner client-side code and unobtrusive Java Script features.Logon User Identity throws an Invalid Operation Exception when accessed before Post Authenticate Request, because the value of this property is unknown until after the client has been authenticated.This may affect your application if it uses large querystrings or uses cookieless ASP.If you are not familiar with the Visual Studio Code Snippets, and want to learn how to use them, you can refer to the appendix from this document "Appendix C: Using Code Snippets".This hands-on lab includes the following exercises: Note Each exercise is accompanied by an End folder containing the resulting solution you should obtain after completing the exercises. NET Web Forms introduces a number of enhancements focused on improving the experience when working with data.NET modules to do things like URL rewriting, authorization, logging, and more at the IIS level.Update: We recently launched a service that significantly helps you understand, troubleshoot, and improve production ASP. If you regularly troubleshoot IIS errors, manage Windows Servers, or tune ASP. As you know, with great power comes great responsibility. NET applications more powerful in IIS 7.0 comes the responsibility of making sure that existing ASP. This has been a major challenge for us as we re-architected the entire core engine of ASP. This post lists the changes in behavior that you may encounter when deploying your ASP.

In addition, when using Forms Authentication, the following changes are in effect: Http Request.This only affects requests that include unhandled exceptions. IIS 7.0 monitors changes to the web.config files as well, and cause the ASP.To avoid writing to the response after an exception, an application should check Http Context. NET application corresponding to this file to be restarted without regard to the ASP.With the data-bound controls, you can now also specify your own custom methods for selecting, updating, deleting and inserting data, simplifying the interaction between the page controls and your application logic.Additionally, model binding capabilities have been added to ASP.

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