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Entering the next phase of life, whatever that may entail; that’s the simplest idea I was trying to communicate.” Also: “I was on a lot of ketamine at the time.

He’s teamed up with Binki Shapiro of Little Joy for an album of love-song duets.

He makes up with Shapiro on ‘Pleasantries’, a duet that challenges ‘Fairytale of New York’ for its depiction of a pair of bellowing wasters, and while those tracks favour the guitars and tambourines formula, ‘Don’t Ask For More’ leans towards funk, showing that there’s more to the duo than attachment issues, an old acoustic and a campfire.

Like Arab Strap with bellbottoms and flower necklaces in place of the drum machine, Shapiro and Green are a match made in heaven who explore every corner of romantic hell.

In the advance press for the album, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s duets have been evoked, and though musically there’s not that much resemble, Green and Shapiro do try and play off a similar dynamic of beauty and the beast: grizzled masculine voice countered by prettier feminine one.

(In a similar way, the album cover and press photos call to mind Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.) Yet Green is hardly the stereotypical macho man, play as he does at the role, and Shapiro often sings melodies so recognizable as Green’s typical style that it’s hard for those familiar with his past work not to hear his voice within hers.

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