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“I could have eaten an entire chicken, and three hours later I was starving, like clockwork. ” After the initial shock passed, a Pea in the Pod-clad Fumero admits excitement set in.

“I had to wrap my head around it rather quickly, but I’m looking forward to it,” she says.

MICHAELS: And then NBC had the classic NBC reaction: [It] sued You Tube.

LORNE MICHAELS, executive producer: I guarantee you that Andy wanted to be Sandler.

COLIN JOST, writer-castmember: "Lazy Sunday" was a huge hit.

“I was constantly standing behind something,” she says, laughing. I probably get more stressed out or nervous about it. The camera guys get really into it and all the directors have gotten into it, [finding] a justifiable reason for me to be behind this thing.” She jokes, “Either it’s part of the scene, or ‘Oh, that makes sense that Amy would be studying a huge binder.’ So it’s been really creative and really fun.” Adding to the lighthearted vibe was her costar and on-screen love interest Andy Samberg.

“A few times, when I’ve gone up on a line or at the end of the scene before they’ve said cut, Andy will just look down and scream at my belly or something as if Jake’s all of a sudden seeing a belly there,” Fumero says.

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