Is roc royal dating zendaya

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Mimi: yep Kayla: I like Roc Royal Trina: Ray Ray is mine! She smiled then turned back and started staring at Ray Ray Announcer: So Princeton Mia: Yay! Announcer: when you get to meet a fan, what do you do? Because some of our fans really like taking pictures with us Announcer: Cool. I was so happy that I dropped my phone on the ground. During the end of their third year (the end of the second year for Camila) They meet Lauren, and Dinah Jane.They've all seen each other around campus before, but they've never really talked until Zendaya and Lauren decide to study for a final together.MB show off their serious dance skills in their new music video for “#Blur”.The guys — Princeton, EJ and Mike – surprised fans when they dropped the vid this weekend. The Announcer: Hi I'm Karen Green and I'm sitting here with Mindless Behavior and we are about to ask them some questions! V)The Announcer was talking for I don't know, 15 minutes before she called up Mindless Behavior! We all started pulling out our phones and started recording. Prod: umm I would be still in school, just chilling with my friends and family. Prod: yeah, but I'm schooled and if I wasn't famous.

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She also seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that her best friend of almost three years is in love with her. Zendaya Coleman and I'm gonna have to say Willow Smith. Ray Ray: Zendaya Announcer: Ok Mia: I wish she would just get to Princeton already. Now here is a question a whole bunch of fans are asking. It was their relationship that led to the collapse of her marriage to Ben Goldsmith.The break-up of scions of two of the wealthiest families in Britain was played out in spectacularly public fashion on Twitter.

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