What is the dating scene like in san diego Teen sex hookups

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My thread is more because I am a single dad and have my kids 50% of the time so when I have them, I want to be with them as we all know kids grow up fast and by the time you know it, they are off doing there own thing.So with finding a quality woman that can accept that is tough in San Diego.The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.I am in LA and some guy I met was telling me how he has had tons of success meeting women in Del Mar, Encinitas, and La Jolla but had little success in the LA dating scene."You are overwhelmed with quality woman and you are looking for a flaky girl with no interests." I am sure somene will help you locate some :)You live in a big city, especially one in Southern California where every trend-bot seems to flock to. The rural East county; the wealthy coastal and Northern communities; the tough South; to the trendy city, and North Park and Hillcrest areas.There is definately a good mix here, and its where you look and go to have fun that can be dependent on the type of person you look for.It's been my experience that women in LA and OC have agendas. While the women I know on a professional basis are very nice, there are some unique personalities there..sure.OP: women in your age group who also have children usually like it when a man has children too. they can find many common things to do together as families on the days they both have their children.

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Just your opinion and I'm not even going to comment on your profile cause its pointless.

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Am I the only one that sees it kind of tough to find someone with quality in San Diego?

Perhaps it isn't finding quality people that's the issue, perhaps you are the issue.

If you are anything even remotely close to your profile, then I cannot see how any reasonably sane, quality person would want to date you.

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