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While the audience dines, a large round table is lowered into the center of the arena where King Arthur and the other knights also partake in the feast, raising their glasses and toasting to the joyous occasion.

Dessert is served afterwards and includes a sweet pastry.

You must prepare for a noble quest back to Medieval England to unlock your way through Merlin’s magic and retrieve the symbol of As Melbourne’s biggest escape room, this is a great room for birthday parties, larger groups and for new or experienced players!

No physical demands but beware if you have a fear of knights, dragons or round tables.

After a hearty dose of merriment from Merlin and the jester a drum processional files into the arena to announce the entrance of King Arthur.

Merlin and a court jester get the crowd going by introducing three cheering methods that actively engage everyone in the audience.Tournament of Kings Dinner & Show brings all the action from the Medieval period that you've seen in movies and read about in history books right to your dinner table.Audiences of all ages can enjoy this raucous celebration.Part 1 was nicely written up by member himself, as he was able to attend some very awesome events over the course of the week!To go with the theme of Seibetron's trip to the movies, the reviews will be followed by some merch that we got at the premiere (some free and some at a cost).

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