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And another team of creation scientists made predictions about the amount of helium left in zircons based on a young age, which was proved accurate; see RATE group reveals exciting breakthroughs!The 5-minute rebuttal was insufficient for either debater to respond to the other’s 30-minute presentation, which is one reason why the debate might not be the best measure of who has the best arguments.As shown above, this is something most atheistic evolutionists don’t want.Some have noted that neither Ken Ham nor Bill Nye are scientists.Nye obviously loves science, and he did a particularly good job of bringing that across.He also communicated the practical benefits of a good understanding of science, and its importance for our future.However, if Nye had been more acquainted with creationist literature, he would have known that we have long had explanations for each of these.

In response to Ham’s comment that evolutionists conflate terms, that is, using the term ‘evolution’ to include aspects of operational science, Nye kept restating that it is only creationists who use the distinction between operational and historical science.

They both were asked the one thing upon which they based their belief.

Ken Ham unequivocally stood on the authority of Scripture.

Ken Ham’s 30-minute presentation covered the basics of the creation worldview, including the creation time-frame, the difference between operational and historical science, and the difference between natural selection and evolution of new kinds.

He demonstrated how the biblical record explains the phenomena we see in the world today, such as intelligent design behind life, animals reproducing after their kind, and all humans as one race.

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