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We recognise that sometimes things happen that are outside of your control.

To help with this you can access trained professionals for the support, advice and guidance that you need to successfully continue with your studies.

As well as being warmly welcomed into the Students' Union family, you'll become an integral part of one of the most proactive forces working to enhance the student experience and student welfare at Cardiff University.

As well as a warm feeling on the inside, the Freshers Advice Team will all get: The best thing you'll get from being a part of Team Advice is a load of friends who you would have never otherwise met.

We're aiming to recruit 100 amazing student role models to introduce new students to Cardiff.

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Choose from Give It A Go events or trips, a host of student society events and more...- There is always a rumour that you have to rent now to get the best houses.This is not true and our statistics show that students who rent early have more problems with their properties and housemates than those who wait.- if they are not as good as you had hoped you may have to consider what you will do next. If you cannot afford the same rent as your friends, you need to look for a different set of people to live with so you are not overstretching and causing yourself financial problems. Date for your diary: To be advised - please watch your emails and our Facebook page for more information The individual landlords all have to be accredited with DASH- Decent and Safe Homes.We all know what it's like to arrive at Cardiff for the first time and not know where to start.We need you to get involved and make sure that it's the best experience possible.

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